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Poll and Episodes
Flambards Heaven
Poll and Episodes

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Flambards Heaven

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Above you see the opening picture from the television series. The house used as "Flambards" in the series is Sawley Hall, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The other picture is the beginning of the hunt.

The results of the previous "Flambards" poll (on <>)
"Which is your favourite Flambards book?"

Flambards (15 votes) 39%
Edge of the Cloud (10 votes) 26%
Flambards in Summer (4 votes) 10%
Flambards Divided (9 votes) 23%

A book review section will appear on this site in the future.

I am now working on a "most amusing moments" section for the site, to remember the scenes which made everyone smile, or even amusing lines of dialogue. I will add my own to begin with, but if anyone wants me to add their favourite, please e-mail me.


EPISODE ONE: Christina's first riding lesson with Dick, where he is obviously too embarrassed about helping her onto Sweetbriar. EPISODE TWO: The session with the tutor, and afterwards when the tutor is trying to tell Uncle Russell that William should go to university, as he is unable to teach him any more. Russell is off-hand with him, telling him he hates people who fidget too much. Christmas, although not funny, is a nice piece of the story with the carol singers in the hall. Mark and William are surprised by Christina giving them gifts. Christina gives Mark a red knitted scarf. He ask her if it is hand knitted. She tells him it is. "Yes, you can tell!" is his reply. Does anyone else notice that Sweetbriar changes from male to female? In the series, the horse is a gelding, though it is a mare in the book. As Dick helps the horse from the ditch after Mark's accident, he is heard to call the horse "old girl." EPISODE THREE: The main point in this episode is the aftermath of the decision to rescue Sweetbriar from a trip to the kennels. Mark, whilst happily getting drunk at a party, gets into conversation with one of the hunt staff, who misunderstands when he keeps asking about Sweetbriar, who he believes went to the kennels. The huntsman eventually tells him that Sweetbriar never arrived at the kennels, and Mark tells his father next morning. Dick is sent for and dismissed, but not before Christina pleads to Uncle Russell, telling him she was responsible for what Dick did.